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2001 was a pretty rough year for us, but given world events I can say, without a trace of irony, that we've very lucky people.

2001-12-14 Katharine's getting over a sinus infection (thanks, Moxie!) and yesterday the jail wall opposite our house was torn down. It's pretty nice for the time being, but my understanding is that they're planning on building a garage there before too long.

2001-11-30 I saw the news today, oh boy. Rest in peace, George.

2001-10-31 Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. A new family member joined us over the weekend - bubbles the goldfish has taken up residence at the Caboteria. Mr. Fish was a very good fish, I hope Bubbles has a long and healthy future.

2001-10-31 Happy Halloween! Tory is a ghost, Katharine is a bunny.

2001-10-09 Back from a great long weekend at the Cape with some friends from Dedham (who it turns out also spend a lot of time in Wellfleet). I've got jury duty tomorrow - it should be interesting since it's a first for me.

Vicky painted the kitchen floor. I was pretty concerned - paint over linoleum, WTF? It turned out well, though. I re-hung a door that the previous owners had hung using plastic toggle bolts and toothpicks shoved in the holes. The first time I've ever seen toothpicks used in construction, but I doubt that it will be the last. I'm amazed that it held up for even the few months that it did.

2001-09-25 The pool is now gone and we have a 15' round sandbox for the kids. Both kids are enjoying school, and Vicky likes to have two free mornings each week. Also gone are the nasty aluminum gutters that ringed the garage and workshop.

2001-08-31 Spent a fun week on the Cape, other than that we're continuing to work on the house (which is starting to look good) and looking forward to both children going to school this fall. BTW, if you're interested in a 15' above-ground pool then stop by sometime and take ours!

2001-07-30 It wasn't fun (but could have been a lot worse) but we're all moved in. That's not to say that we're all settled in - there are still lots of things to unpack and set up. Everyone's happy except the dog, who's very confused and is expressing it in some rather unpleasant ways.

2001-07-25 The new/old house is now asbestos free, but took a bit more of a beating in the process than it should have. Oh well, we move on Friday!

2001-07-09 Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint. Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint. Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint. Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint. Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint. Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint. Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint. Scrape, mask, prime, spackle, sand, paint.

2001-06-26 Big day today - we closed on our new house, and Tory was 6!

2001-06-09 A couple of birthdays to report. Katharine was two years old a week or so ago, we had a fun party with a few of her contemporaries and their parents.

Last weekend we visited the cousins in Bronxville to celebrate (somewhat belatedly) Vicky's brother Richard's 50th birthday. The theme was the Red Sox and a great time was had by all. Happy 50th, Uncle "V.B."!

2001-04-25 It's been a busy couple of days here at the Caboteria. On Weds we signed a purchase and sale agreement for the house next door to us - we'll probably close at the end of June and move at the end of July. Not sure if we'll get much vacation this year.

Yesterday I had three wisdom teeth removed, #1, #16, and #32 (I think). All in all it was pretty unpleasant but quick and not very painful. I feel a lot better now, just 24 hours after the procedure. Vicodan is your friend, but ice packs are your special friends.

2001-05-02 A scary day here at the Caboteria. Vicky was warming up the BBQ and got quite a nasty suprise when she opened it to put the food on - it flared up and gave her a few pretty nasty 2dn-degree burns on her face and right arm. Update She's pretty much fully recovered but it will take a while for her widow's peak to grow back. Speaking as her husband, I think that's probably OK.

2001-04-16 Tory is a snaggletooth! She lost her first tooth yesterday just after Easter dinner. It's a lower front tooth, and its companion is also pretty wobbly. The tooth fairy should be stopping by any day now.

2001-03-20 Happy Spring to all of you pagans (and others)! Also, there's a new look for the Caboteria. In case you were wondering, I still like the old look but thought things needed a change, and I wanted to fool around with style sheets. Look ma, no tables!

2001-02-21 SaltFire has moved into an office outside of Harvard Square so I'm re-joining the population of people who haul their sorry asses back and forth to work five days per week. Actually, working at home has its advantages but for now I'm glad to be back in an office! Now that I'm closer to the rest of the people who work for a living if you want to get together for lunch or a beer after work please give me a call.

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