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The root of all things WWW is the W3C:

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is an Open Source community project developing software tools and knowledge based documentation that helps people secure web applications and web services. At this point it looks as if their most important document is The OWASP Guide to Building Secure Web Applications and Web Services. - "URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST", i.e. when to use GET and when to use POST. - "steps toward the glory of REST" also talks about which HTTP verb to use when.

Accessibility is important:

A collection of simple recommendations for decent Web application frontends:

A guide to web typography:


A guy at work likes these sites for javascript: (used to be called website abstraction) and - Javascript popup calendar for date input on web pages. Claims to be work with many browsers. - some interesting code such as tables that can be sorted by clicking on their headings.

OpenThought - This project uses an interesting twist on the standard web paradigm: it downloads a page once and then uses javascript and DHTML to stream changes into the page. You never have to refresh the page. Cute.
Here's an article about a similar approach:

Here's an article that uses applets as proxies for javascript. It's an interesting approach that keeps the applets small but allows you to use database data to refresh web pages.
Here's an all-JS implementation:

google maps is based on javascript. Here's a tutorial:

Client-side charts and other widgets using JS: - based on jquery

HOWTO format ISO 8601 dates in Javascript:

Sometimes people want rounded corners on boxes. Here's one way to do it:, and another:
a jquery plugin: - client-side sequence diagrams rendered by JS


Async JS and XML. - seems to be the ur-library for AJAX.

Docs for Prototype: - the XSL data grid - send plain XHTML to the browser, then XSLT transform it, then plug it into the DOM. - looks pretty nice - integrated into Apache Geronimo.

ASP - this is a Java Servlet application that supports simple VBScript ASP syntax. Might be useful if I ever wanted to move an ASP application into a more open environment. - an ASP/VBScript to PHP converter.

CSS - Learn CSS Layout. Step-by-step explanation of how CSS layout works, with many examples. - advanced css positioning - how to start with a baseline set of CSS defaults that work the same across different browsers. - a set of open-source CSS stylesheets. A really cool idea, but unfortunately unmaintained - newer alternative to the previous entry, pretty popular - similar to style, a set of open-source CSS stylesheets. Very good-looking. - a set of example pages showing how to do multi-column layouts - another CSS framework - like blue print but more liquid - a tool that parses and explains CSS selectors. - an amazing example of what CSS can do - listamatic: like Zen Garden but for lists - a page that shows how to use CSS to make images resize dynamically when the page size changes - how to use CSS and JS together to add style to checkboxes and radio controls

Certificates - a community-based certificate provider - an alternative digital certificate provider. - a low-cost commercial certificate provider.

Hosting (use them now, works great), (used to use them - good but can't use debian dist-upgrade),, (much less expensive), (also inexpensive)

Fast Web Services - when XML costs too much -

Browser Caching - Internet Explorer has badly broken cache behavior, but this appnote can help you work around it:

Opening Pop-ups - this a hugely bad idea, but sometimes the client insists. - a set of tiled patterns, good for backgrounds. - explains the different ways that Mozilla renders web pages and how to choose which one gets used.

Presentations -

Nice icons -,,

Posting a form back to itself - can be handy when you're trying to build something that works like Servlet authentication, only using ad-hoc code:

IE Developer Toolbar - kinda like firebug. useful for debugging CSS:

Design Patterns - turns out they apply to user interface as well as code -

Browser Reflow - a short youtube vid that shows how mozilla goes about rendering the page:

Let's Make the Web Faster -

How to Turn Off Form Autocompletion - for high-security environments like HIPAA

Everything you ever wanted to know about building a secure password reset feature -

Why Your Links Should Never Say “Click Here” -

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