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I used to have a Psion Series 5. It was a cool little computer and I really liked it, but it eventually bit the dust when the flexy cable that fed signals to the screen gave out and the screen went dead. Evidently that was a common failure mode. By that time the Palm Pilot had taken over so I switched to that, but I never liked the palm as much as the S5.

The Register recently published a long article about the development of the S5, if you're into computers and the stories behind how they're built you'll like this:

Using the Psion with Linux | Linux and Psion HOWTO | HOWTO hook up a psion to a linux box | Welcome to FreEPOC | Free tools for Psion EPOC | Psiconv, PSION 5 file format data conversion utilities | | plptools - Matt's work on User-Space UNIX-Psion tools | | GNU cross-development tool chain for EPOC. Allows you to build EPOC programs on Linux/WINE. | arm cross-toolkit build |

Running Linux on the Psion itself - page about how to run a Debian woody-based GNU/Linux on the 5mx. | Linux7k | Home page of the Linux7k project, the Psion Linux kernel port | Linux on Psion Series 5 | Running Linux on the S5 | Aleph ARMLinux home | | The Embedded Debian Project | | Debian GNU/Linux -- ARM Port | | flatcap | Flatcap is a tiny Linux distribution intended for Geofoxes and Psion Series 5s | ARM Linux | Linux7k l10n!

Miscellanous | PDA News | | Tips for using IR with a Psion | S5 Inside | Pictures of a disassembled Psion | RMR Software - RMRTask | task manager sw for the psion

-- TobyCabot - 06 Jun 2001

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